The New Century For The ICCC


THE LORD LED US when the ICCC was established. It commanded the last century. It reached every part of the Christian world. The trouble is that the ICCC has not taken effect across the churches where there are sound Bible believing witnesses. To go` into the 21st Century and 3rd Millennium as we have, our light is shining bright. The ICCC has been blessed. Our men have been good witnesses and are working everywhere. I attended the meeting in The Philippines and received standing ovation at the beginning and closing of the meeting. I was there at the founding of the Far Eastern Council and today they have churches across the Far East. We are appealing to all our groups to be represented in Jerusalem to give our witness. Our plans in the new century will be presented and our emphasis is upon pressing our battle for the faith and bringing churches out of the WCC and its Babylon plans. The ICCC has accomplished more than any of us dreamed. The Lord can add speed to our warning to true believers and they know what they hear is from the Bible. Our World Congress will be held in Jerusalem, November 8 14, 2000.

The last century saw the hand of God on our ICCC. It has gone virtually everywhere. Our people are close to one another and we believe that Jesus is blessing us. We have see His hands upon us. My, what a privilege it has been that God has led the ICCC for almost all of the century that has closed. He knows how and where to bless and we are people who are regenerated, born again, and emphasizing the rapture and the second coming of Jesus Christ. Our power is in prayer and God answers. Our hope is in Christ who promises, "I will receive you unto myself that where I am, there ye may be also.

Brethren, the ICCC has seen the hand of God blessing, guiding and strengthening our whole movement north and south, east and west. Everyone is listening for the trumpet. Brethren, God made the last century something new and special. We now must make the 21st century, which we are now a part, the greatest blessing we have seen on earth. Thank God. n