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The International Council of Christian Churches meeting at its 17th World Congress on June 7th, 2005 at the 21st Century Glory Youth Training Center, Heongseong, Korea, noted the importance of addressing the need of challenging today's youths to channel their energies and vision biblically. We hereby submit this statement:

WHEREAS it is largely recognized that youths form a vital and important segment of the Body of Christ in any religious movement, ensuring the continuity of that movement into the future;

WHEREAS youths in the ecumenical movement have been very active and are agitating for changes, moving the World Council of Churches into an even more radical transformation of that movement;

WHEREAS the leadership of the ICCC wish to assure youths of their full support and encouragement of their activities as we recognize them to be an invaluable part of our movement;

BE IT RESOLVED that the International Council of Christian Churches now summons all young people in its churches to rise up and take up the challenge of

  • Setting themselves as an example of believers by their thinking and lives;
  • Networking with and encouraging all International Christian Youth chapters to join together in defending the historic Christian Faith;
  • Supporting the vision and mission of the Younger Generation Leaders;
  • Proposing to the ICCC leadership directions that will enable it to serve better the needs of youths in and outside the ICCC.

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