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The International Council of Christian Churches, meeting in its 17th World Congress in Korea, June 8 - 14, 2005, in order to honor commitment to the Preamble to the Council's Constitution, "to facilitate the discharge of obligations which inhere in the Commission of Christ to His Church to make known the Gospel of Christ to every kindred and tongue and tribe and nation," calls upon all of its churches and all Christians related to it to work and pray for the unfinished task of carrying the Gospel into all the world.

This Council strongly urges that every Bible-believing Christian accept this task in the hope of actually seeking to take the Gospel to every country and individual which has not yet received it, and of seeking to meet and lead to Christ those for whom He died, so that it would indeed glorify our Lord.

This Council further calls upon the missionaries of the Cross to advance the Gospel by every means at their disposal and to join with the true missionaries of every land in beseeching the Lord of the harvest that He would send forth laborers in these dark days.

This Council calls upon all member churches and Christian bodies affiliated with the ICCC to seek to honor the Great Commission as they have committed themselves to obedience to the Word of God. This Council declares that it is the responsibility of missionaries and their supporting agencies not only to win converts and establish new churches but also to seek to save churches, or as large a proportion of churches as possible, from apostasy and compromise which are engulfing so many.

This Council rejoices in all the work of faithful, Bible-believing missionaries and commends their labors to the Lord Jesus Christ the Head of the Church for His blessing. And further, this Council prays that strong indigenous churches, self-governing, self-supporting, self-propagating, may develop which will come and take their place alongside of the churches and Christian bodies which presently comprise the membership of the International Council of Christian Churches and that this Council may indeed be a fellowship of Bible-believing churches for the glory of our great God and Saviour.

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