March 2007
M.I.T.A.(P) 103/01/2007
  VOL 38 NO. 2
The Future of LAACC

Fourth Letter from Pastor Quek Swee Hwa

Role of Singapore

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Extract from Rev Dr K C Quek's article "The Role of Singapore in the ICCC Reformation Movement" being published in the Golden Jubilee Commemoration Magazine of the Singapore Council of Christian Churches (SCCC) now in the press.

In his book, "The Battle of Bangkok" which records his second missionary journey covering the ICCC leaders, travel to Bangkok and East Asia in 1949, Dr McIntire wrote : "The future is what counts. I believe Singapore will be a strategic center in the Far East for the ICCC". This foresight of our ICCC's late President has proven right, and even more than right, as Singapore and SCCC have been serving the interests of not only the FECCC in Asia and the Far East, but also the ICCC in other continents. With more Bible-Presbyterian Churches now joining in recent years following the dissolution of the B-P Synod of Singapore in the late 1980s when the 16 B-P Church groups were therefore able individually to register and function independently under the Singapore Government's Societies and Charities Acts, and thereby enjoying the right individually to own their church property, SCCC hopes that Singapore will be able to continue and take even a greater part in the proclamation and defence of the historic Christian Faith led by the ICCC.

However, throughout the history of the Christian Church, the battle for the historic Christian Faith has always not been an easy one. Understandably, therefore, the same has been with the ICCC's eversince 1948. Not only have many contenders for the faith, especially the first generation leaders of the Council like Dr Carl McIntire and the greater part of his contemporaries, gone on to Glory, but many others have fallen by the wayside. They have become wearied and have laid down their arms. In the heat of the battle for the Faith, some have kept away from the frontline like King Saul and his men tarrying leisurely "in the uttermost part of Gibeah under a pomegranate tree", or aligned themselves with the enemy of Christ like the Hebrews that were with the Philistines, or hidden "in holes" (1 Sam 12 - 13) or folded their arms like the Merozites, (Jud 5:23), or turned back from the battle like the Ephraimites (Ps 78 :9).

No wonder the Word of God exhorts us at Hebrews 12:12 - "Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees". In the face of the present fast-advancing tide of apostasy among all Christendom speedily shaping up as "Babylon the Great" of Revelation chapters 17 & 18, the Lord's people could take one of the following positions:

1 Join and promote the Ecumenical Movement and help quicken its building up of a one-world super-church in league with world powers and all Christendom and all world religions.

2 Remain in and co-operate with the Ecumenical Movement and try to purify and "evangelicalize" it from within.

3 Separate from the Ecumenical Movement, but remain independent and indifferent to what is going on in the ecclesiastical scene.

4 Separate from the Ecumenical Movement and from all forms of unbelief, but unite with Christian churches and Christian brethren of like precious faith all over the world in a consistent, determined effort, with God's help and in His strength, to stem the fast - advancing tide of apostasy in order to remain faithful unto death to our soon-coming-back Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Right and Only Choice

Of the four positions above, to take the first is unthinkable to those of us who love the Lord and His Word. To take the second is certain to be futile, as has invariably been proven both in Singapore and elsewhere. To take the third not only makes one equally guilty of disobedience to the Biblical command of separation, but naïve, thinking wishfully that the evil effects of the tentacles of the Ecumenical octopus would not get at him.

The only course open to all who would remain faithful to the Lord and His Word is, and should be the last. In this Biblical position, our late President Dr Carl McIntire and most of his contemporaries who have gone on to Glory, have set us a supreme example of loyalty, steadfastness and perseverance.

As for me at aged 90+, all my colleagues in the same cause for Christ through the ICCC, both all over the world and in Singapore (including my earliest, close colleague, Rev Dr Timothy Tow), can testify for me that I have been "on course" all these years with this Biblical position, thanks to God's mercy and grace in preserving me and preventing me from deviation.

My appeal to all my brethren in the Lord, whether in the SCCC/ICCC or among our friends both in Singapore and all over the world, is that all of us take the Biblical exhortation to "lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees" and encourage ourselves and our younger generations energetically and faithfully to preach the common salvation and contend earnestly for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints, standing fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the Gospel, and all "for the Word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ" till He returns. Amen

For mutual encouragement in defending the historic Christian Faith, FAR EASTERN BEACON suggests and requests each ICCC national leader to write and email an article of reasonable length on "The Role" of his particular country in the ICCC Reofrmation Movement. As space in each issue of this paper permits, such articles coming in will be published, leading up to the next ICCC Congress (No. 18th) due to be held in Korea again, June 8 - 14, 2010 (Tuesday to Monday)
Rev Dr K C Quek, Editor, and Member-at-Large, ICCC Standing Committee

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