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Re-affirming The Reformation Movement
SCCC Reformation Rally & 51st AGM Statement No.1 Saturday, 27th October 2007

October 28 this year is remembered by Protestant churches all over the world still keeping to the spirit of the 16th Century Reformation Movement as REFORMATION SUNDAY. This marks the 490th Anniversary of the 16th Century Reformation which began in 1517 when the great reformer Martin Luther issued his famous 95 theses on October 31 that year as a protest against the scandals of the indulgence traffic of the Roman Catholic Church.

Today, however, the 16th Century Reformation has not only been forgotten, but has also been discredited by the mainline Protestant churches under the drive of the ecumenical movement for a one-world church. To them, the 16h Century Reformation is schism, splitting the Body of Christ. To us, and all other Bible-believing Protestant Christian churches, however, the 16th Century Reformation Movement must be continued in spirit in an ongoing Reformation Movement in order to keep the Christian churches pure in doctrine and life to await the soon coming again of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC), together with all its regional and national affiliates all over the world, has been playing a leading role in this present day Reformation Movement and we will, by the grace of God and in His strength, devote ourselves to this God-given task till Christ returns. All who love the Lord and His Word and His Church should continue to treasure the precious heritage of the 16th Century Reformation - the rediscovery and confirmation of the great Biblical truths of justification by faith, and grace alone, Christ alone, the Bible alone.

Re-Affirming SCCC Stand On The Word Of God
SCCC Reformation Rally 2007 Statement No. 2, adopted by the Executive Committee following the Rally

The Singapore Council of Christian Churches (SCCC), the national affiliate in Singapore of the International Council of Christian Churches (ICCC) on the international level, and of the Far Eastern Council of Christian Churches (FECCC) on the regional level, hereby re-affirm our stand on the Word of God.

The SCCC has eversince our inception in 1956 identified ourselves with the ICCC in our stand on the inerrancy and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures in the original languages. As evidence of this identification, we quote here relevant extracts from Statement No. 11 of ICCC 16th World Congress, Jerusalum in November 2000 and from Statement No. 1 of ICCC 17th World Congress, Korea, in June 2005, together with a relevant Resolution by the Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions in October 2005.

Apart from our stand on the inerrancy and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures, we have, as far as the Bible in the English language is concerned, been using the King James Version like all other English-speaking ICCC-affiliated member churches and organizations.

This is because, as stated in the ICCC 16th World Congress Statement No. 11, "The King James Version in English has been faithfully translated from these God-preserved manuscripts - the Masoretic Text preserving the Old Testament and the Textus Receptus preserving the New Testament".

The ICCC has also noted that "other good Protestant versions have been translated around the world in many languages based on the Masoretic Text and Textus Receptus until 1881 when Drs Westcott and Hort used a shorter text removing many words, phrases and sections by following the eclectic watered down polluted Vaticanus and Sinaiticus manuscripts".

For the same reason, the ICCC is "not against new versions as such but believe all true and faithful versions must be based on the traditional longer texts that the Holy Spirit preserved through the early century versions, the early church fathers and the faithful Textus Receptus."

The above has been the stand of the SCCC, completely identical with that of the ICCC. It is clear that neither the ICCC nor the SCCC nor any other churches or organizations affiliated with the ICCC, has ever held that, apart from the inerrancy and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures in the original languages (Verbal Plenary Inspiration - VPI), the English translation of the King James Version is also verbally plenary preserved (Verbal Plenary Preservation - VPP). In the Holy Scriptures in the original languages the Holy Spirit supernaturally "moved in the hearts of its human authors that they recorded the very word that God wanted written in the Bible using the personality and background of its writers but without errors."

A leading proponent in Singapore of this new doctrine of Biblically unfounded and unproven VPP has recently persisted in promoting it, alleging in writing that the SCCC Statement of October 2005 is "false and inaccurate", that the SCCC as the daughter organization "cannot override" the statement by ICCC the mother organization, and that "the statement of ICCC is for VPP".

This allegation above is therefore completely contrary to facts and the truth. The SCCC hereby re-affirm our stand on the Word of God as above and call upon all our members and all our fellow Bible-believing brethren all over the world to re-affirm our unqualified faith in the inerrancy and infallibility of the Word of God in the original languages, and in the continuing general, but not plenary, preservation of the "one Holy Scripture, the Bible".

Please see IBPFM resolution of October

(First published in Nov/Dec 2005 issue of F E BEACON)

Dear Dr. Quek,

The following is the resolution from our minutes, passed at our October (2005) semi-annual Board meeting concerning VPP:
1. Bible Inspiration: It was moved (E. White) and seconded (R. Martin) to approve the following statement. Mr. Brad Gsell offered a substitute motion (seconded by James Blizzard) to include in the motion, that copies be sent to Dr. K. C. Quek in Singapore and to all our mission stations. The motion passed unanimously. The statement is as follows:
"We, the members of the Board of Directors of The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions, wholeheartedly believe and affirm that the inspired Word of God has absolutely no error in the Original Autographs. However, we reject the theory of Verbal Plenary Preservation propounded by some, who dogmatically claim that the Greek and Hebrew copies immediately underlying the King James Version are an exact replica of the Original Autographs. The insistent promotion of this theory has resulted in schism among brethren."
If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.
In Christ,
Rev. Keith H. Coleman
(215-438-0511) 246 WestWalnut Ln. Philadelphia, PA 19144
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