Easter 2008
M.I.T.A.(P) 100/01/2008
  VOL 39 NO. 1
The People who missed Easter
Sixth Letter from Pastor Quek Swee Hwa

An Apology To Our Reader
In Memoriam
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An Apology To Our Reader
With apology from K C Quek
The Hon Editor

Since last October, I have been unwell. Following a fall at the entrance to Bishan Zion B-P Church when attending the SCCC Reformation Rally, I suffered for a long time from giddiness, imbalance in walking and loss of appetite. Medical examination also revealed a serious heart problem: bacteria interfering with a valve not closing properly. This required hospitalization, prolonged antibiotic treatment and subsequent recuperation.

By God's mercy and grace, I have now got over the critical stage, and I am getting back to full recovery. Nevertheless, at the age of 92, I have been medically advised and required to "go slow" with my multiple activities. Younger colleagues must share and carry on, "on all fronts".

All FAR EASTERN BEACON readers and ICCC colleagues and friends, please understand and excuse me for this long delay in resuming publications of this paper. Your remembering me in prayer will be much appreciated.
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