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5 March 2008

Dear brethren in the ICCC,

Sixth Letter
Greetings in precious Name of Jesus! Much has taken place as regards the ICCC since my last letter to you written on 25th July last year. Our President, Rev Dr Choi Kwang Jae, has made trips on his own and perhaps others as well. We will be happy to report these in the Far Eastern Beacon if reports with photographs can be sent to us either by mail or by email. I am happy to report what I have been doing for the ICCC during the past seven months.

Middle East

In November-December I visited Bethlehem in the Palestine Authority and discussed with leaders concerning the possible re-starting of the Middle East Bible Council. I will follow this up in March when I return to Bethlehem. Pray for this ICCC witness.

East Asia

I hope to discuss with Chinese and Korean leaders about the challenges they face and their needs. Our Korean base needs to be strengthened in preparation for the next ICCC World Congress in South Korea. Do remember this in prayer.

A Reminder

Communication seems to be a serious problem in the ICCC. We are all doing our own work in isolation from one another. My repeated calls for membership updates have brought about no results. All that I receive are requests for financial help. I realize that many former ICCC members have a real need in this aspect but I repeat what I wrote before: "ICCC is currently not in a position to support building projects or operational expenses of member bodies."

May the Lord help us to focus on our Mission and stand firm on the Bible as our only rule of faith and practice. Let us press on in renewed determination to be a witness against the evil of apostasy that is becoming more and more rampant in these Last Days of the Church.

Yours faithfully in Christ,

Rev Dr Quek Swee Hwa
ICCC General Secretary

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