BY the late Dr CARL MCINTIRE, former President of the ICCC


It has been 50 years since God gave us the worldwide Christian Fellowship which brought 150 church leaders and representatives of 50 denominations to Amsterdam. They met in the English Reformed Church where the pilgrims who fled England worshipped, and came on the Mayflower to the wilderness of North America. It was in their own very church that we assembled. We were the Protestant, fundamental church leaders that realized that a great falling away had occurred. It was all described for us in the Bible to represent the great apostasy in the churches everywhere.

It has been this century from the beginning to the end which we have now reached that Satan has been successful in infiltrating with all his agents the Christian world.

In fact, as these ecumenicals are working for their own 50th anniversary, their emphasis is their misuse of the prayer of Jesus, that they all must be gathered together in some world church with its pluralism and various gospels, all of which somehow are going to take them to heaven.

As the ICCC comes back to the Netherlands to observe and celebrate, we rejoice as those who are one in Christ, one in the faith and all are agreed that the Bible is the Word of God.

Nothing corresponds to the ICCC, a world fellowship of believers, exposing and rejecting the great apostasy which Satan and his agents are glorying in as they have been successful in rejecting the Bible as Godís inerrant Word and they have called their unity movement, the World Council of Churches. This is indeed what they are in the world, representing the apostasy from the faith. In fact, they have gone so far as to maintain that all religions, all churches are going to bring all the people to their christ and various christs together and call it the work of the Holy Spirit, while in fact, it is the work of Satan. When he tempted Christ, he failed to win a point and Christ told him get thee behind me when he offered Christ the world if He would bow down and worship him. Having failed, he then generated his own scheme, and that was to have the world worship Satan. This became Satanís dream and purpose and it is in this closing 20th century that the world is waiting for him to unite all religions in behalf of peace.

It is in the reality of this great apostasy that God by His Spirit gave to His people who would be faithful and true, this International Council of Christian Churches. Nothing like it has ever occurred or appeared on the stage of history.

God has His men who had engaged in the battle for the faith. They were all over the world and when the call was issued by the American Council of Christian Churches in 1947 in Detroit, that Godís leaders should gather the next year in The Netherlands, it was answered by His own who understood the times and came to The Netherlands to lift up the banner, to unfold the flag and to call upon Godís believers and those who loved Him to pay whatever price was necessary to keep the church, and bring the church out of the great apostasy and stand faithful until the end.

These fifty years have done many, many things and received blessings that only heaven could provide.

Both the WCC and the ICCC were started here in The Netherlands. The WCC coming a few days later. Now Satan has had his way by giving his blessing to pluralism, this broadening church, this dream and promotion of a one-world religion.

It is frightening, but it is on the horizon and as we reach out to these next two years, the emphasis on unity of these liberal, apostate, ecumenical churches has become paramount.

Just about everything and all that you hear, is ecumenical, ecumenical, ecumenical. The Pope of Rome is making himself the number 1 world leader. He flies around the world with ecumenical speed. He adjusts his operation to see that he is recognized by the masses as he goes from continent to continent.

Here stands the ICCC. It is Protestant. It honors the 20th Century Reformation. It cherishes the labor of those Reformation leaders who are featured on marble in the Reformation Monument on the great wall of Geneva.

The Lord made it clear that in these latter days He would be rejected, that His Word would be worthless and His churches would be darkened, the antichrist will actually go to Jerusalem and call upon the world to worship him in the rebuilt temple. The Lord's word concerning these end days is most precious. He told us that we were not to be deceived. He repeatedly warned against being deceived. We see this deception everywhere but out of all this darkness and pain and misery and persecution there is an abundance of grace given in glory and in these last fifty years there has been a stirring, a glorious movement of separation from Satanís doings which they call ecumenical.

The testimony that came from Amsterdam was a doctrinal statement of the common evangelical beliefs. The Reformation Creeds had their common salvation witness and indeed the place and the power of this movement for separation which is the purity of the church and the Gospel. The Lord provided for it and told us all in His Great Commission which is the conclusion of the ICCC Doctrinal Statement. This places before all our people Christís Great Commission, "go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature."

God has changed things and drawn the lines which vindicate the ICCC men in all their lands. The WCC is in real trouble. Churches are leaving it and joining the ICCC. What is also significant is that the National Association of Evangelicals was organized by men who refused to come with the separatist leaders. These 50 years have passed and the NAE is now officially cooperating and working with the ecumenicals in the National Council of Churches in the USA. When they were organized in the beginning a year after the American Council of Christian Churches was raised up in 1941 in St. Louis, they now have come to the place where the General Secretary of the National Council announced that they are working together for their common purposes. This in Godís good providence, leaves the field to the ICCC and related agencies and councils to continue the great battle for the most holy Faith. This 50th Anniversary culminates in many victories. It has gone a long way in helping Godís people and strengthening them in their faith. It calls upon those who have been regenerated and washed in the blood of the Lamb to realize that there are signs in the heavens that Jesus said would come to pass. He told us when you begin to see these things He said look up for the redemption of your body draweth nigh. It is all so very close. The astronomers tell us that the heavens are expanding and will expand forever, but Jesus said, "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away" and He told us when He returns, there shall be a new heaven and a new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Those of us who are true believers, being sanctified by the Holy Spirit and now together, reaching our hands out to all believers who give faith and obedience to Jesus Christ which we have received from the Bible, Godís Holy Word. The verse which the ICCC took for all its churches in Revelation 1:9, "For the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ." So we pray for Amsterdam and invite all who can possibly do so to come there and see the fulfillment and the expanding of the 20th Century Reformation as we all wait for the Lord to come and hear the trumpet call for resurrection.